Getting ready to launch


We have been working very hard this past few months getting the beta of DeepViz to a state that is ready for mainstream use. We believe it is now time to introduce the offering to you and discuss the technology behind it, the technical insights DeepViz provides from a threat intelligence perspective as well as how you can use this technology to aid your investigation efforts both privately as well as use in production environments.

As researchers, we often felt the need to have technologies that could reliably help us in analyzing new malware and finding correlations between them, tracking their source, connecting the dots to finally have a global perspective of the worldwide malware endemic.

However most of the sandbox technologies already available online couldn’t satisfy our needs as most of the time they either don’t collect enough data or they don’t focus on the relevant details that could allow researchers to successfully identify specific malicious behaviors.

Furthermore, they often don’t provide any easy integration to existing analysis platforms and they don’t provide any post-processing data analysis apart from providing you with the raw malware analysis.

If you want to build up you own analysis environment you either have to:

  1. Find a sandbox service that fits your needs, providing it with all the data you want along with easy API integration;
  2. Buy a Threat Intelligence database service for tracking down IPs, DNS, network requests, hopefully with easy API integration as well;
  3. Centralize everything yourself, which usually isn’t as straightforward and painless as it is supposed to be;

Or, you can look at DeepViz Sandbox as a Service, and you’ll be able to smoothly integrate our malware analysis services along with our Threat Intelligence offering using a set of simple REST APIs – and that’s it! Nothing else on your side is needed.

In the following posts we’ll spend time talking about our Threat Intelligence offering and the Sandbox technology – which is by the way already online for beta testing at

Stay tuned – more will come soon!