Getting ready for mainstream launch

Since we started our public beta in early November 2015, we received many e-mails from end users, SMB and enterprise companies contacting us to better understand our technology and how it could be integrated into their existing IT security infrastructure.

We sincerely weren’t expecting so much interest in such a small period of time. Thanks to everybody who supported us, to each one of our registered users for the valuable feedback you have provided. 

During these months we made many changes on the backend, we made it more stable and more scalable. We also improved our Threat Intelligence platform, released 64-bit PE files support and our python library to integrate Deepviz into your existing projects. We will also release a cross-platform (Linux/Windows) C library next month as well as a Java library.

Since we started Deepviz we have successfully analyzed over 8 millions of samples, of which 6 million are malicious samples. This month we’ve already processed over 2.5 million samples, with a daily rate of around 130.000 samples/day, 22% of them undetected or badly detected by AV vendors – most of them weren’t fresh new samples, just variants of already known families.


These numbers are exciting if viewed from a researcher’s perspective, but worrying if viewed from the perspective of companies who need to protect their perimeter. This is the main reason why we’re constantly working hard to make our technology available to be integrated in existing systems in an easy manner.

That said, we are excited to announce we are now ready to go to the market with our business offer.

Our beta period will be over on 15/02/2016. Since then, you will be able to subscribe to our free and paid plans. Here below our plans:

Deepviz Packages


Those who will subscribe to our services between 15/02/2016 and 29/02/2016 at 00:00 (GMT) will get a 20% lifetime discount, till the initial subscription is renewed. All our beta users and people who registered an account before the 15/02/2016 will receive a 1-month subscription to our Bronze plan for free, then on the following month they can get in touch with us to receive a 20% lifetime discount to be used within March 2016. Discount will apply to the Bronze, Silver, Gold plans only.

Deepviz technology will also be available with OEM and white-labeling plans to be customized and integrated into appliances and other devices or software packages . Please get in touch with us at for further details. We will be at the RSA Conference in San Francisco if you would like to discuss the options in person.

Last but not least, in the coming two weeks we will also release our PDF/OLE code analyzer. Stay tuned!