Retirement of free subscription plan


in the past months if you signed up for a free account at Deepviz, you had a free tier of 5 samples downloads, 50 samples submissions without captcha, 5 threat intel search queries per month as well as getting access to our set of APIs and your submission history.

It has been a really hard decision, but starting effectively from yesterday we decided to retire this plan as it is being abused by people registering multiple fake accounts to obtain as many credits as possible without paying anything for the service.

While we are excited and happy that so much people is using our services and we’re costantly receiving very positive feedback, we cannot offer all what we are offering for free. It would be wonderful if we could provide everything for free, however we have R&D expenses as well maintaining the infrastructure up and running at its best while improving our technology everyday.

Since yesterday newly registered free accounts will not be able to download samples anymore, nor they will be able to use our APIs. Free accounts will have same samples submit limits with captcha as guest users and they will not be able to keep trace of their submissions. All existing free plans will be converted to the new free plan starting on June 13, 2016.

However we don’t want to make our service too expensive for private customers and single researchers as we firmly think Deepviz must be something fully accessible to everyone. This is the reason why we decided to launch our new Basic subscription plan, designed to be more affordable with a monthly price of 35$/29€, giving you every month 50 samples downloads, access to our APIs and 50 threat intelligence searches.
We regret for removing the free tier but we are firmly convinced that abusing a free service is not respectful of the effort, the research, the time spent on building up a competitive infrastructure. Also we are firmly convinced that people who appreciate our services will support us and this basic subscription plan is for them.

Thanks for your understanding

3 thoughts on “Retirement of free subscription plan

  1. please have some type of free plan with downloads and api access

    for single researchers new basic plan is to pricey i would like to be able to access downloads and use API

    thank you


  2. Hello Jon,

    thanks for your feedback. We are considering something like the old free plan, but right now there were just too many fake accounts to handle with, coming from people who just wanted to raise their monthly credits. This was a huge damage for us, I think you can see the point.

    Just as a side note: the basic subscription can be activated and deactivated at any time. You pay on a montly basis and there’s no commitment for the following months.

    Thanks for your feedback!


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