New pay as you go pricing model


This post comes shortly after the retirement of our Deepviz free plan, as written in the last blog post: Retirement of free subscription plan.

We have spent quite few days thinking of a way to make Deepviz usable for freelance researchers at an affordable price point without the need for a monthly subscription.

Starting today we have launched a pay-as-you-go pricing model for researchers and small  companies who want to use Deepviz without a subscription plan to access the base Deepviz functionality.

From today you can buy one of the 3 pay-as-you-go plans which will provide you with a number of credits you can use to download samples, read full analysis reports and make searches through our Threat Search Engine and Threat Intelligence Portal.

No obligation, no subscription plan, you get the credits. If you want more credits you can easily buy more to refuel your account.

To have a look at the new plans and pricing, click here: Pricing 

One thought on “New pay as you go pricing model

  1. i am a single researcher and i think your price plan is still to high $42

    is there anyway to get that price lower what about some type of custom plan

    i like the pay-as-you-go pricing model but still pricey



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